Távlatot kapott az élet (A Life in Perspective): The Hungarian-French sculptor Ervin Pátkai (1937-1985)

30 January 2014, 7pm at the HCC A memorial evening with the Rt. Rev. Róbert Pátkai and Mátyás Sárközi The Rt. Rev. Róbert Pátkai, brother of the artist and Mátyás Sárközi, a widely respected London-based Hungarian writer, will present a personal account of Ervin Pátkai’s life and career on the occasion that a new book … Read more

Bridget Guzner: Hungarica at the British Library or the Extraordinary Journey of the Books of a Hungarian Collector

Bridget Guzner will talk about the birth of what subsequently became the second largest collection of Hungarian books held in any library outside Hungary. After his employment as full-time assistant in 1838, Thomas Watts started acquiring books in all languages for the  British Museum Library. With the steady increase of funds, this process culminated in … Read more