13 March, 7pm, Imre Galambos: A Journey to Hungary: An Early Republican Chinese Manuscript

Among the recently published travel accounts from the collection of the National Library of China there is an intriguing manuscript entitled Xiongyali youji, i.e. Record of a Journey to Hungary. It appears to be a so far unknown manuscript by a Chinese person who travelled to Hungary sometime during the late 19th or early 20th centuries. It is written in classical Chinese and describes travelling to different parts of the country, visiting Gypsy communities and Slovak villages. Unfortunately, the publication provides only facsimile images of the text without any information regarding its author or date. Dr Galambos will discuss the origins of this travelogue and the Chinese perception of Hungary, and the outside world in general, during the early Republican era.

Dr Imre Galambos studied Chinese language and literature in China, Hungary and the US. He completed his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley with a dissertation on the orthography of early Chinese writing. Then, for ten years he worked for the International Dunhuang Project at the British Library, studying medieval Chinese manuscripts and palaeography. His main field of research is Chinese manuscripts but he is also interested in the history of scholarship in Asian studies. Dr Galambos is currently a lecturer in Chinese at the University of Cambridge.