15th and 16th century Woodcuts, Copper Engravings and Paintings depicting  Buda, Pest and Ó-Buda.

“Ofen, Bvda, Pesto, Buda, Pest”
The Earliest Views of Budapest:

The talk will take place at the HCC on the 12 June (Thursday), starting at 7pm. RSVPs is to be sent to the HCC, either by calling 0207 240 8448 or emailing bookings@hungary.org.uk

The early views of Buda and Pest provide a fascinating combination of beauty, information and mystery, enabling us to see how these cities and their contemporary events were perceived by contemporaries. The story has a rich cast of characters including King Matthias of Hungary and his Renaissance library, The Holy Roman Emperor, Suleiman the Magnificent, the city of Nuremberg and Hans Sachs.
Andrew Alchin will explain the technical, intellectual and historical background to which these views were produced and go on to examine them individually, pointing out (using projected images) in each case

  • The authorship and publication medium of the view
  • Particular items of interest
  • Correspondence with contemporary events – battles, sieges, etc
  • Where appropriate, the connection of each view with its predecessors
  • Other considerations, such as the accuracy of the views and their relation to the geography of Budapest
  • Quirks and mistakes in the views.

Original copies of some of the prints will be on display for perusal before or after the lecture.

Andrew Alchin first visited Hungary as a tourist in 1965, and has had a lifelong interest in and affection for the country. He has lived in Budapest, on and off, for several years, studying Maths at the Eötvos Lórant Tudományos Egyetem in 1967-1968 as a British Council Scholar, and returning  to work there for IBM in Hungary between 1991 and 2002. He is a collector of old maps and views, including  several Hungarian-related items.