Field Marshal Count András Hadik (1710-1790), his campaigns and his family

Tuesday 17 September, 7pm
Hungarian Cultural Centre
10 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7NA

Count András Hadik de Futak was a Hungarian Noble and Field Marshal of the Habsburg Army. He
was Governor of Galicia and Lodomeria from January 1774 to June 1774 and is famous for capturing
the Prussian capital Berlin during the Seven Years’ War.
Early in the Seven Years’ War (1756–1763), Hadik executed the most famous hussar action in
history: when the Prussian King Frederick was marching south with his powerful armies, the
Hungarian general unexpectedly swung his 5,000 force of mostly hussars around the Prussians and
took their capital Berlin. The city was spared for a negotiated ransom of 300,000 thalers, which he
distributed among his troops. For this feat, Hadik was promoted to the rank of Field Marshal. He
was also awarded the Großkreuz of the Maria Theresia Order.
András Hadik, a direct descendant of Field Marshal Count András Hadik, will give a talk from a
personal point of view on the life and career of the Field Marshal and other members of the Hadik
family. András Hadik (named after his ancestor) is a barrister living in London.
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