Trading with the Enemy – British-Hungarian Commercial Relations during WW2

Relations between two countries, whether diplomatic or commercial, can be fraught with difficulty at times; when these countries are at war with each other, these relations are even more fragile. British aid and intervention helped resuscitate Hungary in the inter-war period mainly due to a League of Nations loan. The  two countries enjoyed amicable relations in the same period, however, they ended up at opposing … Read more

Hungarian travellers to colonial Bengal

A talk given by Dr Imre Bangha at the Hungarian Cultural Centre The talk explores the various approaches Hungarian visitors to Calcutta and other parts of Bengal, mostly scholars, aristocrats and artists, had towards India and its colonial rule. Hungary was not a colonising power and at certain parts of the nineteenth-century rather found itself … Read more

Bartók’s Travels

A talk given by Roy Rashbrook at the Hungarian Cultural Centre As a typical English music student in the late 1980s, one of Roy Rashbrook’s chief frames of reference with regard to Hungarian Culture was the music of Bartók. In English schools, the first thing one is taught about Bartók is that he incorporated Hungarian … Read more

Hungarians in the Ottoman Empire

Thursday 6 November 2014, 7pm at the HCC Hungary and the Ottoman Empire were neighbours for almost 500 years, and the relations between the two varied greatly through that time—often obviously hostile but also, on a more everyday level, mutually beneficial. One indication of the extent of Hungarian-Ottoman contact lies in the surprising number of … Read more

Sandra de Laszlo: From Pest to Palaces, the Extra-Ordinary Life and Career of Philip Alexius de László

Tuesday, 23 September, 7pm at the HCC Philip de László / László Fülöp (1869–1937) was born in Budapest. From the age of 11 he worked as an apprentice in various trades and finally as a photographer’s assistant where he copied the portrait photographs he was employed to retouch. His talent was noticed by a philanthropic … Read more

Dr Gabriel (Gábor) Rónay: When Hungary Reached Out to Save Persecuted French Royalists

A little known Hungarian cleric gave succour to 18th century French refugee families in a hitherto unknown eastern ‘Scarlet Pimpernel’ action. The real-life story of a rescued French family gives substance to Baroness Emmushka Orczy’s fictional adventure yarn set during the reign of French Revolutionary Terror. But this elusive Hungarian rescuer of French aristocrats was … Read more

Távlatot kapott az élet (A Life in Perspective): The Hungarian-French sculptor Ervin Pátkai (1937-1985)

30 January 2014, 7pm at the HCC A memorial evening with the Rt. Rev. Róbert Pátkai and Mátyás Sárközi The Rt. Rev. Róbert Pátkai, brother of the artist and Mátyás Sárközi, a widely respected London-based Hungarian writer, will present a personal account of Ervin Pátkai’s life and career on the occasion that a new book … Read more